Fashion Revolution Week

Ive been thinking a lot lately about how wonderful the handmaking community is.  Ive always loved making my own clothes, knitting my own jumpers and scarves, but lately Ive been thinking more about where this yarn and fabric comes from. Who’s making it? How is it produced?

I’ve always tried to buy locally to support those small businesses in my local community and assumed that was enough, but in reality its not.

Since opening Milotto & Co I’ve focused on selling fabric that I really love, from suppliers that are well know and create some gorgeous fabrics and whilst I’ve always tried to ensure they have strong ethics and principles about where they source their own supplies I cant help feeling I can do better.

So, I’ve searched high and low and have come across a wonderful maker in India called Sam who makes the most glorious linen, cottons and denim and then dyes them himself with botanical and vegetable dyes.  It’s a small family run factory that looks after their employees and pays a fair wage as well as being conscious of the environment.    A win, win I think.

What about European washed linens?  Is it possible to find some that are ethically produced?  Yep!  Definitely.   (Huge sigh of relief!!)

It’s a very different mind set when you’re a maker.  You see so many wonder makes and are inspired to make so many wonderful things, that sometimes you can be taken over by that desire to produce something without thinking about where your supplies have come from.  We are very fortunate here in Australia that we have access to so many choices, good choices too. 

So my pledge is:

To take my own advice and slow down, smell the roses. Ill wait for the right moment to make with the right choices and be so much happier with the end result.Ill think harder and longer about what to buy and make better choices even if it means spending a little bit more.Quality versus quantity!