The Cutting Table


I finally managed to wrangle my hubby to spend some time putting my Cutting Table together.

We started off with an enormous hot pink table top which hubby found at a thrift store but it just didnt quite work, although if Id had a small factory as a sewing room it would have been wonderful. It was miles too big and a little too bright.

Its quite an easy process to follow and the instructions are super easy to understand.

Copy of 20190406_142628.jpg

We were also very lucky find a lovely helpful man at Bunnings who was more than happy to cut all the pieces to the right size.


Th instructions state to use 2x4 for the legs but here in Australia we (apparently) dont have timber in those sizes so we had to improvise. In the end it didnt seem to make a lot of difference.


The whole process went very smoothly. There was only once spot where hubby realised he grabbed the wrong screws and I had to do a dash to the local Hardware store.

Copy of 20190406_161450.jpg

Wheels are ready to I can move it around the room when Im ready to cut or its not being used. I dont have that small factory for a sewing room, although I am very very lucky to have a spare room that works so well.

The top and shelf were already cut to size by our friendly Bunnings man so it was just a matter of attaching the strips around the edges and ensuring a smooth finish.

Copy of 20190407_121523.jpg

The end result is pretty fabulous.

My beautiful table.

My beautiful table.

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