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I have been sewing since I was about 12 years old.  My first foray was in high school where I was taught to make a sewing bag and then straight into making a gorgeous christening dress with embroidery and smocking.  Presumably this was meant to be for my first child after I had left school, married and started banging out babies whilst making pot roast and scotch & sodas for my husband on his return home from the office.   It didn’t quite turn out that way.  I did pop out two of the most beautiful daughters any mother could ask for and I have a wonderful partner who cooks the pot roast and pours me a pinot gris after a blissful day of making.

I have a real weakness for linen and have stocked my store with some of the most beautiful linens from Merchant & Mills.  Their checks, stripes and colour combinations are amazing.  Not many can do it like they do.

My attempt to own every colour linen in the world continues with European washed linens from Lithuania and Vegetable/botanical dyed linen from India.  When I’m not in a Linen frame of mind, I indulge in a little making with Viscose and French Terry from Atelier Brunette. Who can resist their soft, drapey viscose or French Terry.  Defintely not me!

The patterns are all from Independent designers from all over the world. Wiksten, 100 Acts of Sewing, Megan Nielsen and of course Merchant & Mills.  All of which will work with any of the fabrics in stock.  I also do my best to stock matching thread.  Mettler Metrosene!  Only the best for you.

Everything in store is high quality, produced with fair trade and eco friendly regulations. Check the individual fabric descriptions for country of origin and production process.

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